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Ice Cube of the Month

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Check back every month to see the newest ice cube of the month!  This month’s ice cube is a Myers Lemon Ice Cube. 

Myers Lemons are sweeter and less tart than regular lemons, so that makes them perfect for ice cubes!   This month’s ice cube is pretty easy.  Get some cheesecloth, an ice cube tray and a bunch of Myers Lemons.  Squeeze as much juice out of the lemons as you can, straight into the ice cube tray.  The cheesecloth will make sure that none of the seeds get in there.  Put it in the freezer and a few hours later, you’re ready to roll! 

These ice cubes go great with lemonade and fruit punch, adding a little extra something as they melt.  On the alcoholic side of things, try dropping one of these in an Appletini, a Mojito or for an extra zing to your Long Island Ice Tea. 

If you want a little extra color  put a drop of food coloring into  the tray after the lemons have been squeezed. 

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