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The DIY Balloon Hat Bible

It has been an amazing summer!  I’ve finally finished the next book in the DIY Series, The DIY Balloon Hat Bible.   I’m really proud of this book- it has over 50 awesome hat (and costume) designs!  I’ve put all of my very best stuff in it, including the hat that I wear on TV.   Even…

The DIY Balloon Bible For All Seasons

The DIY Balloon Bible For All Seasons

DIY BALLOON ART   I’m so excited about our brand new #1 best-selling book, The DIY Balloon Bible For All Seasons!   For this book I teamed up with Rachel Porter of Balloon Splendor in Seattle, WA.  It was a fun labor of love, and we had a great time collaborating together.  In this book there…

Learn To Make a Balloon Centerpiece

Learn To Make a Balloon Centerpiece

This video is part of the weekly balloon san diego series.  Here we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a balloon centerpiece.  The specific design style is called a spiral topiary.  It’s a very versatile design that lends itself well to both upscale events, and whimsical décor.  The piece can easily be customized…

Party and Paper Feature Article

Party and Paper Feature Article

Balloon Utopia was honored to be featured in Party and Paper Magazine’s “Spotlight On” section. Below is an excerpt of the article and a link to read the full article on their website. “Bringing ‘decortainment’ to the masses Sandi Masori, owner of Balloon Utopia in San Diego, lives and breathes balloons. There are three rooms…

More Instructional Balloon Videos

These two videos really go hand in hand.  The first one teaches how to build a template to properly size your balloons, and the second teaches how to make a balloon topiary ball. Look for the next video in the series- How to Make a Spiral Topiary Centerpiece

Whimsy and lots of Balloon Flowers, Spring Must Be Here

Whimsy and lots of Balloon Flowers, Spring Must Be Here

Here’s another group of pix that I never uploaded!  This set has some more whimsical balloons in it, and a whole bunch of balloon flowers!  Must be spring!  I have to say though, I enjoy doing the elegant decor, but the bright vibrant spring colors just plain make me happy!

Recent Events- Branded Stages and Awards!

Recent Events- Branded Stages and Awards!

Well it seems that it’s been a really long time since I’ve added photos to the site.  Sorry about being so lax on that.  I’m going to make up for it in the coming days as I am going through thousands of photos to find the best ones to show you what we’ve been up…

New Instructional Balloon Video

Here are the latest instructional balloon videos from San Diego Balloon Artist Sandi Masori.  This week’s video is a cute 2-balloon dog hat.  This is a pretty simple design that will delight all ages and should be fairly easy for beginners but have strong impact for seasoned balloon artists as well.

New Videos

This summer we’ll be putting out a video every week.  Check out our YouTube channel for the latest, or subscribe to our Itunes feed!  Most of the videos are “How To”s, with a few testimonials thrown in for good measure.   Here are some of the most recent videos…  

More Balloons on the News!!

Channel 8 paid special attention to the Balloon Utopia booth at a recent kids expo.  See the video here… San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – We had a lot of fun participating in the expo and providing the decor for the event.

Balloons in the News!

Balloons by Balloon Utopia were recently featured as a backdrop for a news story on a local expo.  Check it out… This was a challenging job because we needed to set up the balloons (and then take them back down) in only about 15 minutes.  To do this we came prepared with all the balloons inflated,…

Review Of Ultimate Guide To Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits

Wow! Check out this AWESOME review by Jennifer Rush of Enabled 4 Success, of my new book, The Ultimate Guide to Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits- How to Increase Branding, Recognition, Visibility, Customer Loyalty & Attract More Attention With BALLOONS! .  I put a screenshot below, but if you want to see the whole article for yourself,…

Trade Show Marketing Book

I’m very excited about my first book- The Ultimate Guide to Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits- How to Increase Branding, Recognition, Visibility, Customer Loyalty and Attract More Attention, WITH BALLOONS! Here’s a video that tells you a bit about it… Want to get the book?  Here’s the link: Click on the book, or click on the…

Balloon Utopia in the News!

As seen on TV!  NBC San Diego interviewed Sandi from Balloon Utopia today on the helium shortage.  Lucky for us here in San Diego, we’re not nearly as affected as in other parts of the country where they either can’t get helium at all, or the prices have gone through the roof!  In some parts…

Certified Balloon Artist- Sculpture workshop- and Balloons made in America

What a month! At the end of August, I (Sandi) went out to Kansas for a special invite-only workshop at the Pioneer Balloon World Headquarters. Pioneer makes the balloons that I predominately use- Qualatex. The workshop itself was phenomenol. It was taught by Belgian balloon artist, Luc Bertrand. In the 2 day workshop we learned…

Stage Backdrops and other new stuff

Stage Decor, Backdrops, Custom Sculptures, Oh MY! These past few months have been interesting here at Balloon Utopia.  We’ve been getting some really interesting jobs- especually on the corporate side of things.  We are loving working in the live event industry and being challenged to come up with new stage decorations.  In fact, we’ve done…

Party City, $1 Stores and the California Balloon Laws

Today I had to get some balloons from Party City. I know, it’s silly that I would have to pay full retail price at Party City for my balloons, but tomorrow is my little son’s birthday, and he is all about Toy Story. Problem is, my local distributor doesn’t have any Toy Story balloons, and…

Unpoppables on TLC

Last night was the premiere of The Unpoppables on TLC.  This is a new balloon reality TV show.  They aired the first two episodes, and I have to say it was truely a treat to watch.  The show follows three balloon artists as they go through the process of what we do- consultation, conception, design…

Balloon Decorations San Diego- Newest Events

Most Recent Balloon Decorations This is a small sampling of some of our most recent work.  In this edition, we had some interesting challenges, like trying to bring to life Andy Warhol’s Silver Room for a party, creating large scale Football Players for the Poinesettia Bowl, and making the University of North Carolina logo- giant…

Raindeer Balloon Hat Instructions

How to Make a Balloon Raindeer Check out our Christmas Balloon Gallery


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Balloon San Diego Most Recent Events

Here are some pictures that show you some of the things we were busy with this summer.  There are more pix, like a ton of entertainment pictures that will be added as we go, but this is a fairly good representation of some of the San Diego Balloon Events that Balloon Utopia provided decor for. 

Phil Mickelson Start Smart Event

Phil Mickelson Foundation Start Smart Balloons  This is an incredible annual event that Balloon Utopia is hired to decorate.  Every year it gets a little bigger and more kids are invited to attend.  The general theme of the balloon decorations remains the same every year, but the configuration of the areas inside of Walmart changes. 

New Videos by Balloon Utopia

Want to Balloon San Diego?  Or any other city?  Here are some of our videos….  How to Make a Balloon Arch   California Balloon Laws- ok, it’s not the most fun topic, but it’s important to know!   Are there environmentally friendly balloons? How to make a balloon bike

Learn To Make Balloons

Now you can learn to make balloons too!   Download out iTunes feed to have balloon lessons delivered straight to you iPod or iPhone! Just Click the iTunes button…