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Attention getting "Lootles" for Southwest Airlines corporate event

Attention getting "Lootles" for Southwest Airlines corporate event


It’s hard to get people to sit up and take notice. These days everyone is bombarded with images and messages. Which ones will get through? The ones that get attached to the heartstrings, of course. Balloon Utopia, San Diego’s corporate event experts, knows how to get you noticed.

Balloons carry with them the feeling of whimsy and happiness. With their bright colors and infinate sculpting possibilities, balloons can make people stop what they’re doing and pay attention. There’s something simply fascinating about watching a handful of latex and air being turned into a unique custom sculpture. Whether it’s a small sculpture to put in a purse or briefcase, or a life-size motorcycle to sit on for a photo op, people want to see what’s going on! Balloon Utopia harnesses this powerful medium to get you noticed, to increase your brand, and to build customer loyalty. Our artists are experts in the various styles of design necessary to capture and captivate the attention of any age and demographic.

We can build a crowd anywhere, anytime… what do you want us to tell them???

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