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A Table full of adults enjoying the fun created by balloon entertainment

A Table full of adults enjoying the fun created by balloon entertainment

Building goodwill, and brand recognition all at once can be a tall order! Not for Balloon Utopia, San Diego’s corporate event specialists! We work with you to determine your target market and then find the non- profit events that they attend. San Diego loves it’s non-profit events! And those non-profit events are always looking for entertainment. In this economy all events are seriously cutting back, but if your company sponsors the entertainment, then the event gets to add an extra layer of fun, without taking too much money away from the cause, and you come out the hero! You get multiple ROI with our special marketing program!

Make the event more successful, warm the hearts of your potential clients, and get your branding out there. We have a variety of programs that will actively put your name in front of your potential customers. Sure, you could just give the event some money to cover some of their expenses, and maybe you’ll get a spot in the program, or a sign on the wall, but will people really remember that? By donating Balloon Utopia’s special brand of unique entertainment, everyone will be talking about your contribution to the event- we’ll make sure of it!

Don’t let their memories of you end when they walk out the door. After the event is over, your clients can come and download a free photo souvineer with your logo on it to remind them of how much you added to the day.

Our packages run from one- time events to monthly programs. Call one of our event specialists today to discuss putting together your new marketing program.   619 339 8024