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6' Martini and Rockwall Columns

This should get their attention!  Trade shows are a necessary part of doing business.  But at a large trade show, your booth can get lost in the fray.  In order for your booth to be a success, you need to get everyone's attention.  Eye catching decor is one way to do just that.  Depending on the size of your booth, you have the option to decorate out, or up*.  Either way, adding the color and movement of balloons is bound to increase your traffic.  And if those balloons are in striking colors or a special sculpture that captures people's imagination, then all the better.   Balloon Utopia, San Diego's Trade Show Decorations Experts, can help you get noticed.   Our talented balloon artists and designers can help you come up with a plan that will transform your booth from pipe and drape into an exciting attraction.   Call now to discuss your trade show decoration needs.  619 339 8024

*Some venues have restrictions on helium balloons.  Don't worry though, we know which venues can be challenging, and how to design around the restrictions.  By using framed air-filled decor, we can create many of the same looks as with helium, and it will last for the entire convention.  Trust Balloon Utopia, San Diego's Trade Show Specialists, to make your booth a success!








8' Comics Parodies



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