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Congratulations!!!  You’ve made it through the good times, you’ve made it through the bad times and the day to re-commemorate your love is coming up.   Anniversary parties are fun for the whole family, and especially the loving couple.  There are so many different styles of Anniversary Receptions, will it be a small intimate gathering, or a huge event?  Will it be attended only by close friends and family, or will it be open to the extended family and friends network as well?  And of course, will it be an elegant evening, a cozy luncheon, or a brunch?  Will you have children there, or it an adult only affair?   Balloon Utopia, San Diego’s Party Experts can’t answer those questions for you, but once you’ve answered them, we can help you plan an amazing event.  We use different styles of decor, and various techniques and mediums so that we can customize your special day to be exactly what you’re looking for.  Call one of Ballon Utopia’s talented event designers today.  619 339 8024

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