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Photos from a Deluxe Birthday

Deluxe Birthday Package
  Balloon Utopia now offers a Deluxe birthday package, which is a FULL 2- 21/2 -hour program, that  includes EVERYTHING (except the food)!!!!  You don’t have to do anything except send out the invitations and take pictures!   It starts with a 25 min. show in which your child is the STAR!  But that's not all!!  After a short break the fun really starts!!   We come with a total of 4 people and 4 corners!  The first is a Face Painting booth, where we do elaborate full face painting.  The second is a Balloon Corner, where the children can make their own balloons and request anything they like from balloons*.  The third corner is an Arts and Crafts corner, where the children can participate in different arts projects to bring home.  And the forth is a Carnival style games booth, complete with prizes!!  And for the Star of the day, we make a custom designed giant balloon character.  Just sit back and enjoy as your child has the birthday of his/ her  life!!!!

Face Painting  
Hello Kitten

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