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The DIY Balloon Hat Bible

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It has been an amazing summer!  I’ve finally finished the next book in the DIY Series, The DIY Balloon Hat Bible.   I’m really proud of this book- it has over 50 awesome hat (and costume) designs!  I’ve put all of my very best stuff in it, including the hat that I wear on TV.   Even more exciting is that it became a #1 best seller in more than 5 categories and 5 countries!   Here it is in Germany …

screenshot of # 1 Diy Balloon Hat Bible

So excited that my book became a #1 best seller even before it was released!! INTERNATIONALLY – this one is from Germany!

I highly recommend ordering this book, if I do say so myself.

Need the link?  I thought you would never ask, here you go…

Amazon US:

For other countries, go to the Amazon store in your country and either put in my name (Sandi Masori), or the keyword “balloon hats”  either way you should be able to find the book :-)

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Until next time ….  Go forth and balloonify!!!