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Challenges, Slow Economy and Working on a Budget

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Challenges, Slow Economy and Working on a Budget

This year has been a year unlike any other.  Unless you’ve been living in another more affluent country, or in a self sustaining environment, chances are that you’ve also been hit by the recent economic crisis.   For us here at Balloon Utopia that means that we’ve been working hard at helping our clients come up with decor that is heavy on creativity and not on budget. 

Some of the ways that our clients have been saving money this year

  • Bulk Balloon Deliveries- for clients who have a good system of support to lend a hand in the set-up, this can be a great option.  Instead of hiring Balloon Utopia to do the whole set-up, we will come out and inflate a bunch of balloons onto our premium sparkly ribbon.   We then tie them in manageable bunches to chairs or room fixtures so that your volunteers can cut them off and arrange them.  We even give a quick demonstration on how to arrange them to get a  nice, consistent look in your bouquets.    
  • Repurposing decor – this has been covered in an earlier blog post.  (click the link to go to article- Repurposing decor ).  Basically, this is a great option for multi-day events when you want a different look, but not a brand new decor budget.  Ask one of our designers how you can make the most of your decor for mulit-day events.
  • Hi- low centerpieces – You can get a really interesting feel and ambiance by varying the table centerpieces so that some of them are going up high in the air, and others are low.  In this way you can have the “wow” effect of some of the more intricate centerpieces without having the expense of putting them on each and every table.  Also, the varied heights and energy produced by this type of decor can be quite stunning. 


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