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4 Steps To a Great Life

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Before I started in balloons, I was learning magic.  I find it difficult to say that I was a magician, as I never was very good, but I learned everything I could find in a book, or that my magician friends would teach me.  Today I was browsing the site of one of those magician, an amazing close-up guy named Lou Serrano  , and I came accross this post on his blog.  I thought it was advice that everyone could use, no matter what business they are in, or what they do….  Anyway, read and enjoy!

I thought I’d share with you a very simple four-step formula that I use to grow my business both as performer and as a marketer of products designed to enhance the business of other professional magicians.

  1. Vision. Before I can create a plan of action, I first have to create a vision for my life. I look at the big picture, and I ask myself, “What do I truly desire for myself? If I had the perfect life, what would it look like? How many hours would I work? Would I prefer to travel for work or would I prefer to stay close to home? Do I want to perform for children or adults? Would I rather perform at private events, corporate events, or both? How much money do I need to make to have the freedom to live the life I desire? What fills my life with passion? How can I share my passion with the world around me?”
  2. Goals. Once I’ve clearly defined the vision I have for my life, I create goals that are aligned with that vision.  I write down these goals as succinctly as possible and write down a date by which I am to accomplish the goal.
  3. Plan. With my goals written down, I then create a plan to achieve those goals. Every detail is spelled out including the people I need to contact to help me in the achievement of that goal. I clearly define my market, and focus all my marketing efforts to provide solutions for that market.
  4. Execute. The final step is to execute the plan. I have found that a little goes a long way. Instead of trying to accomplish a goal all at once, I work on it a little every day. In this way the work is much easier, less stressful, and much more enjoyable.

The above formula may seem overly simplistic, but living a life full of passion, happiness, and freedom does not require a degree in rocket science. All it takes is the commitment to do some very simple things on a consistent basis. – Lou Serrano