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Balloons Are Green!!!

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Many people wonder about the environmental impact of balloons.  Contrary to popular belief, balloons are one of the most environmentally friendly decor mediums around!  Here are a couple of fun facts about balloons’ greeness.

Balloons come from the sap of the rubber tree, Heveabrasiliensis, which grows in Malaysia.  This sap looks like milk and is shipped to America in large ocean tankers.  Once it is removed from the tree, the sap is called latex.

Balloon are biodegradable; they decompose at the rate of an oak leaf.

Balloons are environmentally friendly!  Because they’re made from the sap of a tree, in order to make more balloons, more trees must be planted!!!!! 

Something that is important to note however, though the latex balloons are completely green, mylar balloons are not.  Mylar balloons do not biodegrade.  Also, when using balloons for balloon releases, besides getting FAA permission, make sure that the balloons are attached to cotton string which will biodegrade, rather than a poly ribbon, which will not biodegrade. 

Balloon Utopia is proud to offer balloon decor and entertainment as a green event medium.  Check out our website to learn more about what we offer.