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Raindeer Balloon Hat Instructions

How to Make a Balloon Raindeer Check out our Christmas Balloon Gallery

Balloon San Diego Most Recent Events

Here are some pictures that show you some of the things we were busy with this summer.  There are more pix, like a ton of entertainment pictures that will be added as we go, but this is a fairly good representation of some of the San Diego Balloon Events that Balloon Utopia provided decor for. 

New Videos by Balloon Utopia

Want to Balloon San Diego?  Or any other city?  Here are some of our videos….  How to Make a Balloon Arch   California Balloon Laws- ok, it’s not the most fun topic, but it’s important to know!   Are there environmentally friendly balloons? How to make a balloon bike

Learn To Make Balloons

Now you can learn to make balloons too!   Download out iTunes feed to have balloon lessons delivered straight to you iPod or iPhone! Just Click the iTunes button…   

More Instructional Clips From Balloon Utopia

Balloon Utopia Instructional “How To” Videos   We will be uploading various video clips from some of Balloon Utopia’s (the San Diego Balloon Experts) instructional DVD’s.  Check back for new uploads. The newest uploads are geared toward an intermediate skill level.  Click here to see How to Make a Balloon Diva and How to Make…

More Video Picks From Sky

Sky added to his favorite YouTube videos… Enjoy!!   For all your San Diego theme party needs, be sure to check out Balloon Utopia’s Theme gallery.  We specialize in kids parties.  Click here for more…

New Video Blog

Balloon Utopia Instructional Videos On You Tube Here’s something that we’re really excited about, we’ve started uploading instructional videos to You Tube! We’ll also have a stream here on our site on the videos page of the blog.  Want to see what we’ve got?  Click here to go to the Balloon Utopia video page of…

Kids Video Fun

Some Fun Stuff For Our Younger Viewers These videos have been picked as favorites by the Balloon Utopia kids.  Sky’s Picks (Toddler Tunes) Clay Play  To the Garden  “Elephant Song”   Shor’s Picks (8 year old Bakugan Fan) Bakugan Episode 43- part 1   Bakugan Episode 43 part 2   Bakugan Episode 43 part 3…