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Hiring a Balloon or Decor Company

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Hiring a Balloon Artist or Decor Company
By Sandi Masori

Putting on an event is always a huge task. There are so many little details to keep track of, from the venue, the catering, entertainment, and of course the decor. The decor will really set the ambiance for the event in a way that no other part of the package will. The mood of the room will be evident from the moment your guests walk in. So whether you’re planning a corporate event, or a private event, you want the decor to send the right message.

Balloons are an amazingly versatile artistic medium. Especially in this economy, balloons can provide a great alternative to hiring expensive lighting or prop packages. Balloon décor can serve many purposes for any special event. Balloons can provide an atmosphere of fun and festivity; they can lend elegance and light, they can make a big room seem more intimate; they can transform a room; they can highlight focal points, and they can make for great photo backdrops.

There are so many options for balloon décor that it’s really something that you should give some thought to before meeting your decorator. The first things that you want to figure out are theme (if there will be one), and budget. Next you want to think about the purpose of the décor, per above. Next you want to think about the guests at the party, will it be more for the kids, or more for the adults? This will make a difference in whether the décor should be more whimsical, or more elegant.

In the majority of cases, the most important area of the room to decorate is the dance floor. This is where most of the action of the party will be happening. The next most important areas are the table centerpieces and the entrance, or any other focal point (i.e. activity centers, or sponsor tables). You want to make sure that any décor put on the dance floor is very stable. You don’t want something that could cause someone to trip. For that reason, for example, it’s better to have sturdy columns with a wide and heavy footprint than a helium arch on a simple weight.

Another thing that you want to know about are the California Balloon Laws. Because of California’s faulty power lines, there are special rules for balloons in California. Every helium-filled foil balloon must be individually attached to a weight. Nothing that can conduct electricity can be attached to a helium balloon, even if the event is indoors because someone might carry the balloon outside. This means that you can’t have metallic ribbon hanging on helium-filled balloons over the dance floor. However, there are non- conductive plastic ribbons that are very shiny. (See below for more information).

When you are planning your décor, make sure that you tell the decorator who the other vendors are, and what they will be doing, (i.e. will you be having a multimedia presentation on a screen over the dance floor?) This way all of your vendors can try to work together to provide you with the best possible event.

Call the balloon decorator early in the planning process. Like other special event vendors, the balloon decorator’s calendars tend to fill up quickly. Also if you want to do any sort of custom work, they need time to build the frames, and order materials. The balloon decorator should be brought into the planning as soon as you secure the venue. For the most effective consultation, you should meet at the venue itself. This way your decorator can advise you what will look good with the room and the atmosphere you are trying to create. Even if it is a room that both of you have been in many times, it’s much easier in the visualization process if you are looking at pictures and discussing ideas there. Also, it will ensure that there are no potential problems, such as asking for a balloon drop in a room with no rigging points, or for a canopy in a room with a very low ceiling.

With appropriate planning, your décor can make a huge difference in the quality of your event. Balloons can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary experience.

** Following the California Balloon Law

1. Never Use Metallic Ribbons
California law prohibits the use of foil/metallic string or ribbon, or other attachments that conduct electricity, with helium-filled latex or foil balloons, regardless of whether the balloons are for indoor or outdoor use. Foil balloons and ribbon have been known to cause power outages when balloons become entangled in power lines.

2. Use Balloon Weights
Foil Balloons must be attached to an anchor. A variety of attractive plastic weights are available to anchor balloons. The only requirement is that the weights be heavy enough to keep the balloons from floating away.

3. Never Group Foil Balloons
California law bans the grouping of foil balloons. All foil balloons must be individually weighed.

4. Individually Anchor Balloons
California law requires only foil balloons to be weighted. A mixed bouquet of helium-filled latex and foil balloons would require that each foil balloon be individually weighted. Clusters of balloons tied together stand a much greater chance of becoming tangled in power lines.

When a helium-filled foil balloon is sold with latex balloons (as in a delivery arrangement), the balloon strings or ribbons may not be tied to each other. Rather, you should tie the individual foil balloons to an anchor that weights down the group and keeps it from being released accidentally. This ensures the balloon strings will not remain tied together if they are cut off or untied from the weight.

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