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Repurposing Decor

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Repurposing Decor

Budget Stretching and Greenness

Recently we did a really interesting multi-day event.  The event itself was fantastic, but what made it really different, and slightly challenging for us was streching a small budget over 3 days, and getting a completely new look.  Usually, when we do multi- day events, either the decor stays the same for the whole event, or we come in and make entirely new decor.  This event was different.  In order to stretch the budget, we hi-floated the balloons for the first night’s decor, which was a Chinese theme.  Adding the hi-float to the balloons meant that we could be sure that they would float for the entire time. 


Here you can see the giant balloons we used for the Chinese theme.    For the second night, a Carnival theme, we took the red balloons and added a colorful collar to them to make them look more festive.


I didn’t remember to take a room shot, so you’ll just have to use your imagination a little for the whole effect.  In the meantime, the black balloons were put into another part of the hotel to decorate that room until we were ready for them.   On the third night, we were ready for them… The third night was a concert, with some really neat special effects and blacklights!  So we added funky blacklight reactive neon 260’s to the balloons to give it another fresh look. 


We had a really good time brainstorming ways to re-use the same decor in new ways.   In todays economy, with the reewed interest in the green movement, decor repurposing is a great solution!  

For more information on decor repurposing, or to find out how to use this concept for one of your events, call Balloon Utopia, San Diego’s Event Decor Specialists!  619 339 8024

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