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Unpoppables on TLC

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Last night was the premiere of The Unpoppables on TLC.  This is a new balloon reality TV show.  They aired the first two episodes, and I have to say it was truely a treat to watch.  The show follows three balloon artists as they go through the process of what we do- consultation, conception, design and building amazing decor.   The three balloon artists are Addi Somekh, Brian Asman, and Katie Laibstein.  Addi I think I can call a friend.  He’s been an inspiration to me for many years, and I’ve gone up to LA to help him out on jobs a few times.  I’ve always admired the way that he thinks and sees the world in balloons.  He’s truly an artist.  Brian I have met several times at conventions, and have always wanted to learn his balloon couch.  (Yes! You can actually sit on it.)  I can’t say that we’re friends, as we don’t really know each other, but I’ve always respected his work.  I’ve never met Katie, but I really liked the “fire” she built in the first episode. 

I had to smile at the show, because it really showed what it’s like.  Very often when doing the big sculptures you’re working right up until the last minute, and running agianst the clock.  Since balloons have an optimum life span, you can’t start a big project too soon, or it will lose the best part of it’s life waiting to go to the event.  And the all night sessions are famous in our industry- especially on the “twisting” side of things. 

I’m also really excited  that this show will educate the general public about just how far we can take our art form.  For years we’ve struggled to be taken seriously as an artistic and decorative medium.  Often our big brothers and sisters in the larger special event industry figure that we’re all just clowns who make dogs and swords or a cheaper alternative to flowers, and can only make arches and balloons on string.  We have come so far in even just the last 10- 15 years!  It truly is amazing what my colleagues can do with balloons! 

Back to the review, I thought that they did a great job, and a great service to our industy.  Anyway see for yourself, below is a preview for you.  I highly recommend tuning in to watch The Unpoppables  on TLC.  Hopefully they’ll continue this series for many more seasons!

– Sandi